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[招聘] 【联想】ALM主管工程师(北京)/ RTC 主管工程师(北京)

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9 t! o! C9 m. ~% O5 b/ X; p% I8 u) o6 F7 M
) C; E8 ^5 O1 L6 u$ G& X% ?
0 N& [  J7 T. C; O招聘人数:1名
; U$ [" c' v* G* J职位有效期:3个月
! O6 f- [) y3 [! N+ ]1 v职位要求:) @$ V$ r" M! S6 V% ^1 O. U
1. Bachelor degree or above. Overseas study is preferred.
' H# M, X( w  F+ t2 J7 H3 ~2 e2. Technical or business process related education background is preferred.
: x1 b, z2 g" B& X7 B3 x+ Q$ P3. 3+ years of working experience in ALM area, IBM Rational related solution (CC, CQ and RTC) knowledge is preferred.$ J& A5 q7 o' }0 l8 ~
4. Good English skill in both oral and written.: T: L0 k1 R; l. G& `
5. Excellent communication skill and be proactive to communicate with WW users and other IT colleagues on feature design, development and test, resolve critical technical and non-technical problems., v1 K  D: Q  J& M
6. Good team work spirit.
+ e8 g7 W  b, a& G  |4 [# F/ Y! l7. Calm under pressure.8 |/ v$ h) S9 o( [, u5 F: K6 N/ k, S
(ALM: Application Lifecycle Management /  应用生命周期管理)  L) d: @0 |5 S/ w
0 V3 h; i" G" [/ a+ ~. j- T2 M) H1. Engage with business team to review business requirements.. g! P/ |  u5 a: w
2. Refine business requirement from business process to creating IT solution design.
  _# n0 J% s5 W  k& ^% }9 k# m3. Implement ALM solution for the business.
+ _! H1 X/ g9 ?7 R4 m) |+ E; ~' F& `) W. U
联系方式:请将简历发送至 lianxl@lenovo.com7 Z. {4 G, z5 j8 j  ?3 [

) K( G5 V/ x& W. C% p; m
/ l. Q) L% V$ o9 |; r$ S
/ `0 Z9 `' n7 n9 I3 _$ v% b
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