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[原创] 2013年9月份PMP认证考试成绩出来了,欢迎查询

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        2013年10月10日晚11点,PMI开始陆续公布中国大陆地区9月14日PMP认证考试成绩,成功通过PMP考试的学员,可以在邮箱中收到邮件标题:: s; t! |' ?, P8 ]( w. e
        Congratulations,you have obtained PMP
/ B7 W- U- E. {. V: }        邮件内容如下: 6 V5 {5 M' O5 S$ a; f1 e: |$ o* x, a
        Dear ***, , U1 l3 }( p8 T9 }9 B- V
        Congratulations on obtaining the ProjectManagement Professional (PMP)® Credential. ( a0 K- z9 j" g$ P8 W6 c' }# O
        The certificatewill be delivered within six to eight weeks to your preferred mailing addresswhich is identified in our system as: ) L( n7 V/ ]  A0 c4 l7 V/ c% X! G
        You may updateyour address online at
! q. ~' D( [! u, f) _5 I9 n        Your examreport is available at Until you receive yourcertificate package, you may use this report to validate your status. You mayalso access the policies and procedures necessary to maintain yourcertification in the respective handbook. 5 ^4 \4 e1 ]0 B+ W3 ^) j
        Please contactus at if you have questions or concerns. 1 {8 ^7 t: y9 t6 q8 f& ^
        Thank you, ( I6 f" ^5 u1 L
        PMI CustomerCare
% C  b; y( s* ^+ E* e" G4 y3 B        祝贺大家顺利通过本期考试,大家也可以登录PMI网站查询成绩和下载电子版证书) r8 w7 o' _7 k/ Z! S6 l
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