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- M! F1 d& @* {: f8 d9 w& U0 Q. y  V, p* M# i5 e( L% i


; c* o: m, \# y& B3 n8 l4 ~
  Job Title & T5 n- A' C, N- ^3 x# g( L  `
  Sr.  Software Engineer! H& l+ ]. C7 y7 b
  Department$ R) [4 J: ?' Z1 W/ m3 Y
  / U8 H; u$ Y& Y: T
* h  W. I! i! h: R& e  
/ a; V  S" {7 z) g, b  
  Reports  to Job Title( w8 O3 ?% P3 A* I# M" d& r
  Manager: \; R/ |3 a: Y& N- A! y* \/ h

+ P7 q5 P& V8 \* U  {6 I1 @7 F6 J. p( w2 d, L
  Job  Summary- d; r, g" q' {" B; g, _9 M
  Establish  and support the loadbuild and Configuration Management processes for all of  the projects in a multi-site  environment.
: R3 a0 i" G- G, Y4 c  
- Y+ U" q3 P$ R, \/ p8 X4 j
: [8 }4 }+ S+ A4 P+ g
* j& z1 f: T" H% U6 p  
  Key Duties  & Responsibilities (in decreasing Critical Emphasis order)$ P1 k& V8 n' d. u* @+ c: Y
  Develop /  improve the build processes, documentation and tools: - r7 c) Q7 d8 z; G1 r1 U3 K
" K4 E7 o  c* V/ o1 J  
  Develop and modify the build tools  for each project. 1 f7 b/ k) ~3 E' u' x6 w% ?8 |
4 A$ k# i9 \0 L# F! h( i  
  Ensure that the official builds are  performed periodically and that build reports are made available to the  design teams6 g; f( e: K4 y1 g
  3# g. V- z  P3 l* f
  Ensure that the designers are aware  of the official build process for each project and how it relates to their  work.( n1 m4 K$ o+ L; }. v* \( g  S- {
  Develop /  improve the Release Management processes, documentation and tools
% q5 n% I# M3 D1 M  
  1) ^8 ]' K8 h+ S+ ]" a
  Develop and modify the build tools  to support the release management activities of the official build process.
  x5 W9 m, H! B" T4 H' ^" p6 R  
/ L; }1 D, G1 ^9 G9 [8 Z  {  
  Ensure that the load output from  each official build is available to the design and test teams. * W+ n& o& o6 v% U2 ?
3 e5 a/ G: u5 G2 V% b1 N% X  
  Ensure that the designers follow a documented  process to develop, test and submit their code changes to the code base line  for the next official build.
5 B4 z& O4 D) O1 y% T/ t  
  41 a( u9 Y% I8 b; }3 e* @/ i
  Ensure that an official load can be  easily re-built
! l" n% ?5 c' ]: x4 e  
  Develop /  improve the configuration Management processes, documentation and tools.2 M8 z: M+ F# S3 \, u8 @/ |
* [& Q  U& K( n  
  Ensure that the code baseline is in  sync with the other remote sites. + X0 l' F: D- U/ m% L
  2& S. s7 v/ @: U4 Z7 L6 ^
  Provide hands-on ClearCase support  and training to the design teams.
# @1 t8 }  F& ?- O/ U, m0 e, {  
: ~' M# x- ]3 @) v8 x  
  Ensure that all design teams use an  appropriate strategy using ClearCase matadata to support the different  product releases. 8 T/ j' k/ Q! k0 U' X4 {9 q3 H
  42 \& k8 u# _) \! y- B2 B
  Perform ClearCase administration  tasks such as importing code from 3rd party vendors, improving the general  performance of ClearCase.
- t) y. w5 Q. {  
! T" i* T1 [2 g+ E  
  Install and upgrade ClearCase on the  server and client machines.
6 T- Y5 o, b- B1 T$ v  G  
& k" S) n; S# K$ |: U3 |  G  
  Configuring ClearCase on the server  and client machines to improve the general performance of the ClearCase  environment. 1 z' O% E( M3 {9 q
  7' J: J8 Y" y* z- h9 X0 G
  Perform ClearCase multi-site administration tasks  to ensure a stable multi-site  ClearCase environment.8 ^% U  S% t, Z9 ~" y( U
! V& T3 E, t; }& o" l
8 m' Y0 J- _' K6 Y& P  
  Minimum5 ]7 a8 u, i2 L0 |& [0 [
  Formal Education3 z! g) `& z: `& l
  Associates Degree preferred or  equivalent 4  years’ experience in Clearcase and SVN8 I; j0 h. c+ J% F
  Formal Training
+ ?* y5 w$ M, U4 _9 V! h, l  
' R! G7 _( K& F0 P& u  
  Experience (type & duration)
- x( Y- c( J9 {) ~7 o9 [  
  ' p/ r9 |% Y. \) ?; T4 z  l! ]
  Skills5 Z5 |: V% T  ^+ m' i3 Q
  A  good knowledge of Linux RedHat OS.  
9 o+ o6 [9 N. }0 l+ j- e( h  
  A working knowledge of WINDOWS and  SUN SOLARIS operating systems.) X  l5 c6 u: G8 _
  ClearCase administration is a must., V3 |+ }. @; `- |8 Z
  Scripting  language (PERL, MS batch files, UNIX shell scripting, etc.) is a must.: ^$ I4 P0 n5 v% H
  A basic knowledge of programming languages such as C, JAVA, C++.3 L0 E* [& y. O7 b
  Good spoken and written English.5 [9 D/ a* H) c9 }: O
& _+ M8 l# y: e$ O& C  L  
" U- y. ]0 }! E, O- g' D/ h- g  
0 C* ]2 z. J/ _( q; c1 |6 j& d2 {: X  
$ Z. h& Y/ B9 X2 V  E! c  Z  
  Qualifications/Skills/Abilities" k. v  ?! ~$ t7 R8 p
  Preferred. l0 x) o4 L) j5 o' [0 V
  Formal  Education' n/ m" o) a9 x
& v! t/ Z9 Z2 b1 P4 K7 J* A  
  Formal  Training
1 B: }: \6 s, @" A' U0 ]0 `9 A  
  ) @, K3 D# g' w
  Experience  (type & duration)
; a0 R, }3 q. d0 l% U; ~/ V  
, B1 L  D- t3 v) F- C  
, n, X6 k( m5 ?8 n3 i/ m  
  ClearCase Multi-site is preferable.
' R5 W( P+ D* \- [6 V- p+ ^  
  Highly self motivated and demonstrate strong communication skills./ m2 ^/ T  d+ \$ V+ i; n0 `
  Have excellent customer service orientation, as well as analytical and  problem-solving abilities.7 d" c) J- w# c# K9 {( u
  Accreditation/certifications/licenses( p9 ]4 E4 g5 s2 {
4 x$ v+ N8 \1 C' P( x  

, t5 u2 l1 Q% N
) R9 k- V; x0 F- F8 @, h7 t& v5 \8 B8 D1 ^3 U. H$ W- D3 [9 O
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hero 发表于 2013-8-22 21:36 ! x. S8 t; U; [+ D2 r

, Y6 r, m7 w, M4 A- K不行哟' u, I. q1 p, E8 l7 r2 M
ClearCase administration isa must.
' d+ S% U- p' c7 Q1 `$ n, I4 }
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看完后很有挫败感   帮你顶一贴吧
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a530491093 发表于 2013-8-22 21:56
' ]1 q6 l  q& [% d4 j9 ]/ C" g看完后很有挫败感   帮你顶一贴吧

+ I4 `3 l4 \: h& z加油!  一般JD都写得漂亮点的啦,哈6 a& i5 [: }) D) e; i" |
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