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[招聘] 某外资博彩、游戏行业公司招聘Release Engineer

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国际某知名外企单位招博彩、游戏公司招聘: Release Engineer 2 k/ {7 {+ G6 j
工作地点: 北京市海淀区苏州街
" B4 W# O. g- S4 R: `薪资待遇:Total 25W-35W
- ~% N( h$ ?) N! z/ P5 Q联系方式: + g1 Y5 G  G) F5 R: t9 d& D, {" N+ v
     Email: ; g9 c* r, }7 g# J
               QQ: 1178183836 3 b9 ~3 E6 m% s9 u; A0 l- @
& H2 H3 R7 Z9 Y" P2 l$ m
# d  O' m" c( r4 p2 N
The company is looking for atalented and driven Sr. Release Engineer to join our Interactive team. The ideal candidate is self motivated and detail oriented with experienceworking in a fast-pace and complex software build environment. As a buildand release engineer you will develop and maintain build scripts and tools thatwill improve the efficiency of development processes and our buildinfrastructure.
    + ^7 g) [) a; q7 R8 c; W( V1 c
  • Design, document,     and code complex build/release processes to ensure accurate configuration,     assembly, and delivery of source code from product release0 {. {2 A) a+ c9 [% ]
  • Solve release     engineering problems using build & release best practices* p; p- U9 k* U. c3 D: \
  • Design new and     manage existing release branches
    - f( s! Y" p- `
  • Merge release     branches3 F8 {. w. Q1 S& h) s5 T
  • Monitor, build, and     deploy software release packages& R2 N- p- N! I9 t$ P4 o
  • Develop, analyze,     and maintain tools that support and automate processes for software     product releases.
    # Q2 z7 _% c) p* d, d
  • Write automation     scripts and programs: e6 |( D( I' Q  h5 K# v8 D
    5 z$ j* k+ I% W. z. s) U! u$ p3 [
  • Bachelor Degree in     CS, MIS, or related field preferred or equivalent experience
    0 V! }5 g6 i" U$ _" M  y* l
  • 6+ years of     professional experience in release / build engineering
    ; M- n# S, l4 H
  • Extensive     experience developing and maintain make and ANT build scripts& g. C- t3 L, f
  • Experience in one     or more scripting languages – Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, UNIX/Linux shell scripting     etc.,
      Z# ^; R9 ~$ G  j4 Z
  • Extensive     experience working with Jenkins, Cruise Control or Hudson1 f. ]! `" y0 ?
  • Extensive     experience with one or more source code repositories – BitKeeper,     Subversion, CVS, Perforce, GITs etc.,  I# _( g6 F: i8 S
  • Extensive knowledge     of Unix/Linux.5 g" Z1 d$ D) i4 E; F
Operational knowledge inJava, Weblogic, Apache, Tomcat, database
. P5 x. n& V; A$ r& r- Z% O$ w, D$ ?
8 }, `" n# U7 N* `
0 u0 Z, K# G) o1 o: Q
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